Engineers, Industrialists & Scientists

  • Fairman Rogers
  • Bloomfield Moore
  • Clement Griscom
  • William West Frazier
  • William Pepper, M.D.
  • William Sellers

Beginning in the early 1870s Furness found receptive clients in the realm of industrialists and engineers who ran the city’s great corporations. Over the next generation he gave them an identity independent of the culture of history of New England and the culture of fashion of New York, applying industrial scale chimneys, steel beams at entrances, and iron ornament to fireplaces. Among his clients were civil engineer Fairman Rogers, the premier machine maker of the age, William Sellers, William Henszey, the designer for Baldwin Locomotive, and paper manufacturer and Franklin Institute officer Bloomfield Moore whose house drew Louis Sullivan to Furness’ office. He also worked for medical doctors who hired him for their homes and their hospitals. © George E. Thomas