William Sellers (1824-1905)

  • William Sellers, 1864
  • William Sellers & Co. Philadelphia, PA, c. 1900
  • U.S. Patent #23153-1, Improved Lathe for Turning Metal Shafting
  • U.S. Patent #23188-1 Turning Lathe
  • U.S. Patent #23303 Machine for Planing Metal
  • U.S. Patent #23499-1 Engine Lathe

Acknowledged internationally as the premier machine maker of the nineteenth century, Sellers expanded his sphere of influence as Philadelphia’s leading board member in the 19th century. In his role as president of the Franklin Institute, he led the movement toward industrial standards, starting with screw threads. In 1869 he advocated a national centennial celebration to be held in Philadelphia not because of the presence of Independence Hall, but because “… no other city possessed such advantages as are afforded by the vast industrial works of Philadelphia.” © George E. Thomas