William Price (1861-1916)

  • Jules Guerin, rendering Blenheim Hotel, 1905, Atlantic City, NJ, 
  • Detail, Blenheim Hotel, 1906, Atlantic City, NJ,
  • Blenheim Hotel, 1906, Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Lobby, Blenheim Hotel, 1906, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Lobby ceiling, Blenheim Hotel, 1980, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Traymore Hotel, 1914, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Upper levels, Traymore Hotel, 1972, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Music Room, Traymore Hotel, 1915, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Submarine Grill, Traymore Hotel, 1915, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Main lobby, Traymore Hotel, 1915, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Atlantic City skyline with Price Hotels, James’ Salt Water Taffy
  • Chicago Freight Terminal, 1916, Chicago, IL
  • Frank Wheeler Residence, 1912, Indianapolis, IN

William Price followed his brother Frank into the Furness office in 1878 during the construction of the new offices for their father’s employer, the Provident Trust. When the two brothers formed an office around 1879, their residential work resembled the descriptive and compact projects of the Furness office. In the 1890s, Will encountered the historical glory of Furness’ teacher Richard Morris Hunt’s Biltmore and for a decade was ensnared in historical forms. In 1901 he founded an arts & crafts colony at Rose Valley and re-encountered Furness on the commute to their offices. Lured by the possibilities of the twentieth century, Price returned to the Furness method, designing brilliant hotels and railroad stations across the industrial heartland. © George E. Thomas